Best SEO practice for domain, subdomain and folder mapping

Search engine are king of web. As they say:

The Content is a waste if it is not searchable or shareable.

Search engines work on various algorithms. They rank pages depending on various parameters. One which works in this case is the authority, the trust and the strength of a domain. These parameters affect the raking and have influence on subdomain and folder ranking as well.

We highly recommend you to read how to prevent subdomain folder access from main domain for better SEO ranking

The table below shows the various factors that we examined along with the 3 methods:

Different Domains Subdomains Folders
GEO   Targeting High Medium Low
Authority, Trust, Domain Strength No authority is inherited A part of authority is inherited The   authority is inherited
SERPs Increased   number of results Increased   number of results in some cases Limited   number of results per domain
Sitelinks   support No Yes Yes
Website Control Very   Difficult Difficult Easy
Design   & Web Structure Freedom Very high Medium-High Very low
Link Building & Link Structure New Link Building CampaignsCross   linking domains New Link    Building CampaignsCross   linking Subdomains Single Link    Building CampaignInternal   Link Structure

For summary credits to: Web SEO analytics