Difference between 32 bit and 64 bit

Year 2012, being a mix of 32 bit and upcoming 64 bit, makes the biggest confusion among techies. Here we’ll throw some light on difference between the two.

It can easily be differentiated as number of pipes serving data for processing. In lame terms, in 32 bit machine we have 32 pipes serving data where as in 64 bits we have 64 pipes serving data at once. So chances of bottle neck in 32 bit is more as compared to 64 bit machine.

Another difference comes in memory, i.e. RAM. 32 bit supports maximum of 4GB RAM whereas 64 bit can support unlimited RAM (can be said so). According to Wikipedia:

264 addresses, equivalent to approximately 17.2 billion gigabytes, 16.3 million terabytes, or 16 Exabyte of RAM