Domain, Subdomain and folder management on hosting

When your websites increase in number then many questions arise. It becomes difficult to maintain domain, subdomains and folders on your hosting. This is all what happened with me as my websites grew in number and clients base increased. Here in this post I’ll share my experience on the same and best practices to manage domain, subdomain and folders on host.

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You can get any hosting plan according to your requirement and get started the following way:

Step 1: Add a domain to your hosting

This domain acts a primary domain and has access to root folder of your hosting Suppose you have domain associated to your hosting then this will have access to your hosting root. All files for your primary domain website should be kept in a folder. This makes hosting less messy and easier to manage. So you can make a folder say main on root and keep all file for Now to map these you can either redirect or rewrite URL.

Step 2: Adding subdomain

You may add as many subdomain as you want to. These are treated as separate websites by SEOs. For subdomain you need to create a separate folder on root. For e.g. can point to The subdomain and folder name need not to be the same.

Now to keep things clean you should also read how to prevent subdomain folder access from main domain?

Step 3: Folders

Folders are simply accessible from main domain the same way we access on you local drive. For e.g. This will simply point to blog folder in root and access files from that path.

Thus following the methods above you can keep your hosting clean, easy to manage, secured, no duplicate data for search engine and follow best SEO practice.

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